Super Suds Laundry Center in Morton, Illinois changed their name a few years ago, and like many businesses did not realize how complicated and frustrating getting their online listings re-validated would be. Inconsistent information across major search engines is a leading cause of suppressed page ranking and it can be time-consuming to fix. Super Suds was not showing up at all on Bing or Yelp under the laundromat category and they were losing prospective customers as a result. The owner turned to OPTIMA™ to clean up his listings and create a brand new website. Today, Super Suds shows up as the first listing on Google, Bing, and Yelp, and all old, inconsistent information has been eliminated. Their website promotes beautiful images of their clean space, many machines, and their comfortable waiting area with flat screen TV’s and Wi-Fi. OPTIMA™ helped Super Suds translate the reality of their successful, inviting business online, to the cell phones, tablets and computer screens of modern customers, and business is growing at Super Suds Laundry Center as a result.