OPTIMA™ Programs

AMP offers various OPTIMA™ programs below to meet your specific needs and budget.
CLA members receive a $100 discount off of their new OPTIMA™ program.

Member Price

$1,450 / year
For CLA Members After $100 New Program Discount

$1,550 / year
Standard Pricing

This program is designed for businesses who are ready to significantly improve their online visibility and begin cultivating a positive and highly credible online reputation. Dedicated Account Managers pay close attention to major factors driving your listings visibility and page rank, offer tools to engage your customers with positive reviews, and regularly reach out to keep your online business information fresh, consistent, and professional.

  • Set up and management of your Google My Business and other business listings
  • Choose up to 5 influential search sites for your listing, such as Google, Yelp, Bing, Apple Maps, and many more
  • Dedicated Account Manager to help you get started
  • Mobile-optimized website with custom content, 5-7 photos, lead capture, SSL certificate and a plug-in that will display positive reviews on this website, or an existing one
  • Personalized link to allow you to quickly request reviews from customers via email
  • Printed cards with your own branding to ask customers to share their experience with a review
  • Get alerted when you receive a review so you can respond
  • Ongoing support to keep your online presence fresh and professional

Member Price

$1,750 / year
For CLA Members After $100 New Program Discount

$1,850 / year
Standard Pricing

Complete with review monitoring and alerts, visibility and listing manager across 8 sites, and multiple website templates that allow for digital reviews, review responses, Google Posts, lead capture, and video hosting. Premium OPTIMA™ will supercharge your online presence and continuously drive strong visibility and customer engagement so you can spend less time and effort on marketing and more time with your customers.


Includes everything in Comprehensive plus:

  • Choose up to eight influential search sites
  • Enhanced website design and functionality with multiple templates to showcase your business (especially valuable to stores that offer WDF and/or pick-up and delivery services)
  • Opportunity to add or change photos on your business profile and website
  • Additional support with Google posts and responses to reviews

Member Price

$3,188 / year
For CLA Members After $100 New Program Discount

$3,288 / year
Standard Pricing

Our Best Value Program, Platinum OPTIMA is designed to significantly enhance your online presence and reputation with ongoing support from your team of dedicated Account Managers and a Rich Content Website tailored to fit your business’s brand. Complete with Social Media Management and Video Hosting, Posting, and Marketing Assistance, Platinum OPTIMA™ is intended for business owners who want to positively transform their online presence.


All Premium Features plus…

  • Rich Content Website featuring narrative text and photos in an attractive, pre-designed theme including:
    • Unlimited Hosted Documents & Forms
    • Flexible Colors & Fonts
    • Masthead Video
    • Highlights/Featured Services
    • Extended Text Descriptions
    • Masonry Layout Image Gallery with Photo Captions
    • Holds up to 7 Separate Video Files
  • Social Media Management
    • Creation or Updating of Official Facebook Business Page
    • Up to 8 Social Posts per Year Across Facebook, Google, and Website
  • Video Management
    • Professional 3rd Party Video Hosting
    • Video Posting to Official AMP Video YouTube Channel (with AMP Video™)
    • Full Service Video Posting to Google Posts, GMB Image Gallery, and Facebook
    • Video Embed Into Website
    • Customized Video Thumbnail Image
    • Expert Video Marketing Assistance


Customize your OPTIMA™ Program with additional Features & Services to address your business’ unique needs
+Social Add-On

$599 / Year

Managed Reputation and Consistent Business Messaging across Facebook, Google and Website to establish trust and encourage customer visits

We’ll help you create and establish a professional Facebook Business Page or clean up, modernize, and improve content on an out-of-date or under-managed Facebook Business Page

Post up to 8 times per year across Facebook, Google Posts, and Website to keep content fresh and consistent across social platforms

Facebook added as an option for Reputation Monitoring

  • Included with Platinum Web Presence and Platinum Visibility

+Social Add-On

$384 / Year

Full service, do-it-for-you Video Hosting, Posting, and Marketing program exclusive to our OPTIMA™ customers

Ad-free, third-party hosting of your AMP Video™ content or your existing videos, along with embedding these videos into your OPTIMA™ website.

We’ll share your video on your official Google Business Profile, on Facebook (with +Social), and publish your video to the official AMP YouTube Channel (exclusive to AMP Video™ produced content)

Connect with your Account Manager for assistance embedding your video content into a non-OPTIMA™ website, or embedding our custom-designed thumbnail image into your business’ email signature for easy video sharing

  • Included with Platinum Web Presence and Platinum Visibility

+Social Add-On

$895 / Year

Deepen your business listings content across the Google platform & promote your most profitable products or services with attractive imagery and detailed descriptions

We’ll publish and manage up to 8 Featured Products or 8 Featured Services to promote the most important parts of your business in a high profile, highly visible way

Featured Products or Services can be updated up to 4 times per year, ideal for seasonal services and inventory changes

  • Included with Platinum Visibility

+Social Add-On

$1,195 / Year

Our most comprehensive social media management program combines the power of +Social with additional support at Instagram and Nextdoor

Includes all +Social features plus…

We’ll help you establish a professional social presence for your business at Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor

Double your reach with 16 Posts per year across Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor, Google Posts, and Website to keep content fresh and consistent across social platforms

+Social Add-On

$195 / Year

Adds functionality to your OPTIMA™ Website to enable Smart Speaker Readiness and Text-Only Website Conversion with just one click!

Applies code to your OPTIMA™ site that increases the likelihood of your business information being indexed and read back to customers who are using smart speaker devices to search

Critical business information likely to be indexed with Smart Speaker Readiness includes: Business Name, Address, Phone Number, Business Description, Brands Carried, Services Provided, Areas Served, and Hours of Operation

With one click, +Voice creates a clear, text-only version of your OPTIMA™ website that facilitates text-to-speech readout by disability browsers, or that makes the page easier to read for a person who is visually impaired